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Just Keep Swimming

August 2, 2011

Work was a little busy this afternoon and I didn’t leave until almost 5:30 pm, which meant that I wouldn’t make the 6 pm departure time of my training ride. I was already sore from weight lifting this morning and the idea of running is never appealing to me. Plus I have a run planned for tomorrow morning so I switched things up and went swimming. My roommate came with me and we headed out to the pool.

We were in luck and there were open lanes so we took one to share and swam on our own sides. Swam for just over 45 minutes and I did my standard mid-tempo workout.

200 swim
200 pull
200 kick

50 pull sprints x 4
200 IM at 80%
100 cool down

Total of 2300 yards.

It took the first 400 to get the soreness out of my shoulders and settle into a good rhythm. I was using new paddles and they felt great. I think they may be a bit too small but I’m going to give them a try on Friday and see how they feel then. I found myself wanting more resistance. Considering my old paddles were from some time in the early 90s when I was swimming on a year round team these were a huge improvement in being able to still feel the water, so maybe that was the difference I felt. I would say something about all this new technology but that would make me sound old and since I just told you I was in high school in the 90s I don’t need to reinforce that.


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