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Race Jitters

September 9, 2011

Swam in Jordan Lake last night for about 45 minutes and followed it up with a 10 mile bike ride. Both were supposed to be easy, but I have pacing issues so it was more moderate than easy. Tried out my new aero bars. Yes, I know two days before the race is not the time to do that, but I don’t follow directions well. Ahem.

I think it’s the best I’ve ever felt two days before the race. Until I realized I’d locked my keys in my trunk. Did I mention that we’re in a State Park and it’s ten minutes before they close and lock the gate? I called AAA and begged them to come quickly. Praise God that someone was willing to stay with me and the ranger was willing to go lock another area of the park before coming back to lock our entrance. It was really only about 20 minutes of my time but I couldn’t believe I had done something that stupid. I guess race jitters have to come out somewhere, and the only things damaged were my pride and my skin- the mosquitoes ate me alive!

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